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We distribute our songs to all the major music services on the web for you to enjoy .


You can find our music in all the major music services in the web like:




Our music can be found in all the major streaming services .


You can listen to our music in all the major streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. On the left side you can listen to our lates songs (or samples) using the Spotify player. Below you find also links to directly follow us in the streaming services and keep up to date with our release. We aim to release about a song in month. Please also check the playlists we maintain in Spotify artist page for your convenience. 

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We aim to also regularly make videos for our songs. You can find these videos in Youtube and Facebook.


The aim is just to have some fun and make some fun videos for our songs for you to enjoy. Sometimes they can only be lyric videos too. You can find our videos on our Youtube channel and on our Facebook page. Here you can find some examples of our Youtube videos. 


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Indie band that combines elements from different styles like rock, blues, metal, prog and jazz and rely on beautiful melodies, strong guitar riffs and touching lyrics.

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